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Anna-Vija's keynote speech at a Cable Nashville event
Anna-Vija McClain giving a talk in front of a large display, engaging the audience.


Networking that Works

Secrets to Effective Business Development

Networking is an essential tool to grow your small business, yet it often feels intimidating not only to start but find momentum. In this essential talk, Anna-Vija takes the guesswork out of networking with a step-by-step process that includes planning, prioritizing, and following up so you can stay on top of mind and stand out in your field. An empowering guide that will equip you with tools with which to break into your network, this talk demonstrates how a simple but effective hello could lead to your next referral.

Hiring Help To Scale Your Business

You Can’t Do It All!

You can’t do it all, and it is okay to admit that. In this presentation, learn how to avoid burnout by hiring team members and setting them up for success with clear roles, systemized workflows, and a top-notch training system. When you admit to needing help as a leader, it’s a sign that you are a great person to work with – and that your small business is growing.

Marketing Systems to Scale

Ask Me Anything!

Social media, emails, websites, blogging, advertising and more–marketing requires you to employ many skills at the same time. Anna-Vija has done so expertly throughout her career, using more than 15+ years of experience of growing businesses with digital marketing to lead her own marketing agency to become a million-dollar organization. She’ll share her strategies for how to get found on Google, create engaging social media and website content, and define your target audience, as well answer specific questions you have that apply to your own small business!