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Meet Anna-Vija

Anna-Vija is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker and sought-after expert on topics related to small business growth and professional development for young, ambitious talent.

For the past decade, she has helped business owners boost profitability while achieving increased personal fulfillment and has equipped hundreds of young professionals with the skills and resources to successfully transition from college into their careers.

She’s spoken to thousands of people at conferences, colleges and companies, helping them achieve greater clarity so that they can increase their impact through business growth and heightened personal fulfillment.

Products For Business Owners

In addition to speaking and writing, Anna-Vija has developed courses and products for small business owners and young professionals to overcome roadblocks and more quickly and effectively achieve their goals.

From streamlining business systems to automating processes and developing talent, Anna-Vija has developed solutions – backed by years of experience – that will help you transform your business and your life.

The Mission

After years of working in a traditional corporate environment, Anna-Vija launched her first business, Piccolo Marketing, in 2014 to achieve greater freedom and fulfillment while doing what she loves.

Piccolo has grown nearly 60% each year since its inception. Most importantly, Anna-Vija’s success has allowed her to empower others to start businesses and gain clarity on their values and passions so that they can live in pursuit of them.

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