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Meet Anna-Vija

Anna-Vija McClain is an award-winning entrepreneur, motivator, and teacher. Her zone of genius is helping small businesses grow through the development of marketing strategies and the implementation of processes and systems that help businesses scale. Simply put, Anna-Vija is an expert at building profitable small businesses.

After years of working in a traditional corporate environment, Anna-Vija launched her first business, Piccolo Marketing, in 2014 to achieve fulfillment while doing what she loves. After spending years building a multi-million dollar business, she shares her lived experience to help shorten the learning curve for small business owners.

Anna-Vija doesn’t believe in one-time solutions for one-time problems–she teaches a mindset, narrows down a focus, and sets up a framework for long-term success. Most importantly, she provides the mental clarity and confidence for small businesses to adapt, plan, and grow.

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