A Zoom meeting is perfect for hosting a session where you can have lots of audience participation even though you are remote from your participants. Many businesses have become familiar with this method of getting together with staff currently. As we all move forward, many of us in the business world are planning on maintaining a remote work environment, so Zoom meetings will obviously be a big part of our lives in the years to come, and I know we all want to do our best. Let’s talk about some ways that we can refine and improve our Zoom call skills so that we can achieve a high level of success and professionalism:

The event host is the person who will set the tone for the Zoom meeting, so if that’s you, make sure you are well-prepared beforehand. Prepping for your event will ensure that you give your audience the best experience possible. I’ve got a couple of points here that you can keep in mind as you create a successful, and professional, Zoom call: 

  • Avoid internet issues by hardwiring your wifi connection. There’s nothing worse than a connectivity issue right in the middle of an important meeting. We’ve all been there. 
  • Ensure that your mic and speakers are in good working order before you start by testing your audio. 
  • Remove any possible issues in the room you will be working in, such as small children, noisy pets (my dog will almost certainly bark at some point), or a window open to traffic. It may be wise to use headsets if this issue cannot be avoided.
  • Your attire is another way to set the tone. If you are going for a professional vibe, it’s smart to dress the part. Solid colors translate well on-screen, and if you wear jewelry, go light to lessen any distraction.
  • Make sure your audience knows what to expect. Provide a clear title and description for your content, and then make sure you deliver what you outlined. 
  • Start your event a few minutes early so that you can allow time for people to join in, get settled, and greet one another. And please – start on time. This shows respect for other people’s commitments and lets everyone know that you can be relied on. (This is one of my prime pieces of advice for business owners – be timely and trustworthy; just going to leave that here.)
  • When it comes to engagement… be engaging! Show interest in what others are doing, use an icebreaker to get started, make your attendees feel welcome and comfortable. Provide time for Q&A and feedback. We all know how shy people can be in a group, so don’t expect your Zoom meeting to be any different. Most of us need a prompt to talk. 
  • After the event concludes, you may want to send out a survey to see what your attendees thought, and what they might suggest you do differently for the next meeting. You may be pleasantly surprised at the feedback you receive!

You are already used to going with the flow – the business world is constantly changing. As we move forward into the 21st century, many more changes will most assuredly come along. I’m Anna-Vija McClain, and I am proud to serve small business owners both in Nashville and the nation at large by providing business tips and advice, mentoring, resources, and more. If you are making changes to your small business or if you are changing to better manage new situations and you need someone to talk through your concerns, questions, and strategies with, I am here for you!