Many people around the world are working from home right now. This world can be a place of uncertainty. From bad weather and seasons of illness to natural disasters and other events that can upset our communities, we all know pretty much anything can happen, sometimes with little or no notice ahead of time. 

Being prepared for whatever comes is going to give you peace of mind and allow you to keep working through such uncertain times, ensuring that you have the tools and materials you need. 


You can order pretty much anything online, as we all know. You can take some time to research the very best sources for items you may need in case you have to remain at home for any length of time. Look for online businesses that offer a wide range of products for both your home and your business, as well as one that is affordable and dependable. 

Think Ahead

Stock up a bit on necessities, such as canned goods and paper products (but don’t go overboard!) and items for your business that you just have to have: think printer ink, paper, writing implements, and the like. For times when you may have to live without power, make sure you have items available that can help, such as solar flashlights, candles, or maybe even a generator!

Safety and Positivity

It may not be safe to leave home, so if that is the case – don’t. This is where having your resources lined up and your pantry full is going to be a big relief! Organize your day, and after getting your work done spend quality time with those you love. It’s a great opportunity to make some memories. Focus on the positive! Play games, tell funny family stories, watch uplifting movies, or read great literature aloud – all these things will help to keep everyone’s spirits up. 
I’m AnnaVija McClain. It’s my absolute pleasure to serve the small business community here in Nashville through coaching, supporting, and assisting business owners on their journey to reaching their business goals. During times of uncertainty, it helps to have people you trust in both your personal and your professional life. I would be honored to be that someone, so please let me know how I can best help you. My company, Piccolo Marketing, are experts at working from home and we’d be happy to share guides with you and your team.