The “pursuit of happiness” is one of our legally protected rights here in the United States, and each of us will spend a lot of time in that pursuit throughout our lives. Happiness isn’t always that easy to find, though; it can often seem as out of reach as the mystical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It sounds great but never quite materializes. 

The idea that happiness is out of our reach is not quite true, however. In reality, there are steps we can take in any circumstance that can help to create a happy state of mind, and I happen to have a few to share today that I think you will really like. Let’s get started on some ways in which you can (almost) always be happy at work:

Know Thyself

Nobody is happy every single day, all the time, and the sooner we wrap our heads around that and own it the better off we will be. Even in the best job in the world, there will be days when nothing is going quite right. However, if you are stuck in a job that doesn’t excite you or bring you pride and satisfaction, you may want to think about making a change into something you have a passion for. Be real with yourself and who you are, what skills you possess, and where your heart truly lies.


Invest in your personal and professional development by creating a plan and goals for your career. Be on the lookout for assignments and projects that will help you gain skills and knowledge that will help you on your journey, and connect with people and opportunities that are positive, valuable, and challenging, as well. Such challenges will encourage you to grow and mature. Own your growth; no one will care about you and your pursuits quite as much as you do. 

Avoid Negativity

A toxic work environment will only increase unhappiness and can even cause you to dislike a job that you once enjoyed. One very effective way to be happy at work is to avoid those negative cliques that often form when a group of people gets together. Negativity is proven to have a profound effect on the psyche, so those that spend time gossiping or undermining the organization are not going to be good for you. Your journey to happiness will only be side-lined by unhappy people. Be the change you want to see by being a champion of positivity and kindness!

Handle Conflict

Many people are truly afraid of conflict, especially in a work environment where the possible consequences can be pretty intimidating. There are ways to handle conflict that can be constructive and meaningful, however, and once the air is cleared everyone will be a lot happier. When it is addressed openly, with respect and clarity, conflict can actually be a catalyst for positive change. It can take courage to stand up for your principles when you find yourself in such a scenario, but if you exhibit the professional courage and conduct necessary to bring things to a positive conclusion, you can actually create new opportunities for yourself. You will also have the inner satisfaction and contentment of knowing that you did the right thing. I’m Anna-Vija McClain, and one of the aspects of my life that brings me happiness is being able to help other small business owners find their place and their power in what they do. I have created services and offerings to educate and support you as you travel on your business journey, and I would love to sit down and talk with you about how I can be of service to you!