I cannot stress this enough – your employees are your greatest business asset. Considering the time it’s taken to find, recruit, and train them, it’s important to keep them on board! One of the best ways to keep your employees engaged, growing, and loyal to your brand is to systematically encourage personal development. After all, personal development IS business development.

Find ways to support the personal development of your employees with these strategies:

  • Create a Personal Growth Plan. You know what they say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Guide your employees in setting their own personal growth plan to keep up with throughout the year. Review and update them annually and be sure to challenge them to learn new things and develop new skill sets.
  • Set 90-Day Goals. With direction from your growth plan, set reasonable and attainable 90-day goals you can check off throughout the year on the way to your larger goals. Be sure to include in this 90-day check-in a look back and review of the past 30 days. What can you learn from past projects, business deals, or internal organization processes?
  • Invest In Individual Personal Development Plans. An employee personal growth plan should be very individualized. Everyone brings their own set of experiences, education, training, and skills to the table. They also have their own goals, both personally and in business, that can be harnessed and developed for their own growth. Remember, personal development is business development, and creating an environment where employees feel appreciated and empowered is a solid foundation for success.
  • Encourage Peer Learning & Collaboration. As mentioned earlier, everyone has their own skills and talents. Use your detail and list-oriented employee to help your team set up successful business processes. Encourage your more creative and risk-taking employees to share their insights and thought processes. An environment of collaboration and teamwork is one in which the free exchange of ideas can help to grow both your personnel and business simultaneously. Win-win.

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