Why is it important to have a concise branding message? According to author Roger Parker, “The simpler your message, the easier it will be for others to understand your brand and remember your ideas.”

So how do you create a concise branding message for your business?

First, brainstorm and write out your ideas. Or if you already have a branding message in mind, make a list of all of the ideas your business is currently trying to convey. If you have more than a handful of ideas listed, the next step is necessary.

Maybe you are trying to communicate too many ideas: i.e. brainstorming an entire page-long list. Try creating a branding message that is focused and offers a limited number of these ideas. By simplifying your message, it will make your business easier to remember and understand. Ultimately, the end goal is to keep what you do top of mind by providing a clear concept with consumers.

Make it Relevant
Once you have simplified the ideas for your branding message, it is important not to be too specific. This can push potential customers away. Instead, make sure you are sharing an idea that is relevant to your target audience. Want to be sure you know who they are? Check this out.

Consider the Future
Lastly, this is a message that has taken time and consideration to implement. It should be able to grow with your business to encompass more ideas in the future. An example is Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign. This is an on-going branding message that continues to convey a plethora of meaning to Nike’s key demographic. Try doing the same thing with your business’ branding message.

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Image Credit: http://www.business2community.com/branding/brand-messaging-unravelled-brand-messaging-checklist-0847356