As you move into 2020, you may be feeling some frustration over how slowly your business is growing. After all, the current economy is pretty hot! Why isn’t your business successful? Today, I’m going to share some thoughts on why that may be the case, as well as some pointers on how you can fix the problem. 

  • Personal Growth. That’s right – your own growth. Your business reflects you and the decisions you make. If you want to see your business grow and succeed, you need to invest in yourself. Read books and blogs, check out some seminars, and seek expert advice to expand your business knowledge and acumen.
  • Marketing. You can do all the right things and build a great business with wonderful products and services, but if no one knows about you, you won’t succeed. An average business with a great marketing strategy will outperform a really great one that is starving its marketing department. If you want great results you will need to invest in great marketing.  
  • Image. If you want prospective clients to take you seriously, you will need to make sure that your business image is spot-on. Create a really attractive logo, and make sure your website is properly designed and maintained. Your social networking needs to be of the highest quality as well; these are the billboards of the 21st century. 
  • Networking. Build strong connections with people who are movers and shakers in your industry. Successful business owners put together a strategy to connect with influential people in their field, and shy away from associating with business owners who don’t maintain the knowledge and business structure that can make a difference. Do research, and look for quality. 
  • Referrals. If your current clients are not referring you to others, you will need to ask yourself why. Referrals are one of the most powerful ways to grow your business; most people will ask their friends and neighbors, people they trust, to recommend a company to them when they have a need to be met, and will often engage that business based on those recommendations. Customer surveys are a great way to get some answers, as well as honest conversations with those you know well. Once you get some solid feedback, make those changes. 

I’m AnnaVija McClain, and I am in business to help you be successful in yours. If you have found yourself wondering why your business isn’t more successful, Piccolo’s Marketing Mentor Program is designed to help you reach the next level!