I’m Anna-Vija McClain. My name is Norwegian, and it’s pronounced this way: AH-nuh-Vee-uh. When I was younger, I didn’t appreciate my long, unusual name, but today as an adult I have come to love it. It’s one of the features about me that make me unique, and that’s part of my particular strategy to both my life and my business. I appreciate the uniqueness in individuals and in their enterprises, and along with my team, we strive to enhance those aspects of our clients’ endeavors. Not one of us is exactly alike, and that’s what makes life interesting! Which is why I use the DISC personality test to build my team.

As a leading personality assessment tool, the DISC Profile assess each person and will center around four types of behavior:

  • Dominance.
  • Influence.
  • Steadiness.
  • Conscientiousness

The test is self-scored and allows the participants to gain an understanding of their own behavioral strengths and weaknesses, giving them insight that can help to build positive relationships, reduce conflict, and maximize strengths.

The benefits I have found in using the DISC test are:

  • Improved Onboarding. I can use the results to determine how I will approach orientation and training, which ensures my new team members get the most out of the onboarding process. The test results can also help me to determine how my new hire will interact with my existing team.
  • Tools for Team-building. The DISC profile informs me how different styles interact with one another, so I can use the test results to build teams that will work together well naturally. Pairing team members with complementary profiles enhances their productivity and their results.
  • Development on a Personal Level. DISC is a great coaching tool, helping individuals to understand themselves and to learn better strategies for interaction with others. I can also customize my motivational processes to help my team tap into their own specific strengths.

I founded Piccolo Marketing here in Nashville to provide comprehensive marketing services to small business owners, using an honest outside perspective, clearly-defined strategic steps, cost-saving referrals, and efficient project management. I work with an incredible group of individuals who complement one another and bring their very best to the table. Let me know how we can help.