As a smart business owner, I know that you are always exploring new ideas and concepts that can help you expand and grow your business, and that’s great! Staying open to possibilities allows you to learn new methodologies and strategies that will enhance what you do. As a matter of fact, that exploratory attitude can be described by another awesome word: curiosity!

A curious person will always want to know more about a subject, and if he or she is not satisfied with what they find, curiosity will lead them to dig deeper to get to a better understanding. An attitude of curiosity inspires us to expand our knowledge in many fields, such as the arts and invention, science and medicine, technology, and space exploration. It will lead you to expansion in your business, too!

Are you curious? If you are, you will expand:

  • In Your Business. As a curious person, you will always be asking questions, learning, and expanding your knowledge concerning your business. You will be focused on how to make things better. You’ll also find better strategies and methods to do what you do, increasing your productivity and improving your time management. In turn, you will find yourself more efficient and expert in what you do, which naturally produces expansion and success. 
  • In Your Life. If you are a curious person, you won’t be bored very often. Life for a curious person is invariably interesting and exciting since there is ALWAYS something new to learn more about, explore, or tinker with. A curious person can look at even the most mundane thing and find something intriguing about it, which comes in really handy in the workaday world. 
  • In Your Mind. Curiosity opens your mind to fresh truths and information about other people and other cultures, showing you different ways of doing and seeing things. This opens you up to brand new possibilities in your own life and business. A person with an inquisitive mind will experience an enthusiasm for life and will be brimming over with creative thoughts and ideas, and every business will benefit from someone with that mindset! It’s what is needed to overcome challenges and obstacles. 

If you feel you need to grow your curiosity, here are some ideas on ways you can cultivate this important key:

  • Ask Questions. Make it a habit to ask questions when you meet someone new, visit an unfamiliar place, or experience something fresh. Use those “who, what, why, when, where, and hows” to dig deeper into your experiences and conversations. 
  • Listen To The Answers. Paying close attention to the answers you gather and analyzing them will lead to an expansion of your understanding, helping you to see how you may need to adjust or rethink your current ways of doing things. 
  • Explore Unusual Things. Most of us have things we are just naturally interested in, and we won’t usually have any trouble learning more about those subjects. You can expand your curiosity levels by purposefully turning your attention towards things that you honestly couldn’t care less about. Our world is full of interconnected truths that can be applied to many areas. You may go to a sporting event that you wouldn’t normally attend and, through being attentive, learn something valuable about discipline or teamwork. 
  • Dive Deeper. Dive deeper by reading up on subjects in which you only have surface knowledge. If someone has been an incredible success in life, find out how they did that, why they decided to do what they did, and how you can do the same. 

Being curious, maintaining your curiosity, and fanning the flames of that curiosity will expand both your personal and your professional life. I’m AnnaVija McClain, and it’s my very great pleasure to help small business owners reach their business goals and dreams. I offer mentoring, resources, training, professional support, and encouragement. Let’s connect and talk about ways I can help you expand your business!