It’s hard to tell when it’s time to hire a marketing consultant. While hiring expert assistance can benefit your business, both your mindset and your resources need to be ready to accept help. Consider these questions to determine if a marketing consultant is the missing piece you’ve been looking for:

  1. Are you investing a consistent, and appropriate, amount of time into social media?

Forbes recommends 32 hours per month to adequately implement your social media marketing strategy on just ONE platform. So, what if you have several? The hours are starting to add up! While I would argue that your business goals, clientele, and business size will influence the number of hours needed, as well as the platforms you use, the bottom line is this… you are likely not devoting the appropriate, or most efficient, hours to your strategy.

Getting a fresh look and someone to keep up with consistent, relevant posts is usually the first service that is requested from my company.

  1. Do you know what your top keywords are/should be?

To start, keywords are a the foundation for you SEO (search engine optimization). Using the right keywords can be the difference between being #100 and #1 in a Google search. Let’s be honest, if you’re not on the first page, or likely the top 1-3, you’re not going to be found without spending some serious cash on paid ads.

Determining what your keywords should be is a matter of gauging and following the trends and terms your customers are likely searching for. Directing your digital marketing strategy to organically incorporate those terms across multiple platforms can often be time consuming enough to require help.

  1. Are you purposely optimizing your content towards your audience?

In order to draw in your customers and keep them engaged you need to speak to them directly. What motivates them? What will turn them away? What do they expect from your relationship? Don’t limit these ideas to content; also consider where they would expect to find this information and how they want to receive it.

The most loyal and engaged customers are those that are able to develop and maintain a personal relationship with an idea, service, or product. If you seek a marketing consultant that can both broadcast and respond to customers, now you are on to something!

  1. Have you consulted your sales team lately in regards to your marketing strategy?

This is a big one! According to a recent study, 87% of the terms Sales and Marketing use to describe each other are negative. If you ask me, that does not sound like a recipe for success! Your sales team needs a marketing strategy that supports their message. From print materials, digital media, and basically every word that leaves the doors of the company, the message needs to be clear and concise across all departments.

If there is any disconnect, your potential customers will feel it and your business will suffer as a result. Engaging an outside marketing team often seems less threatening and more supportive to sales people, allowing your business to grow.


For some great marketing ideas that can make a difference for your small business, check out this article. But if you answered no to any of the above questions, it may just be time to consider hiring a marketing consultant! This is a good thing – it likely means you are too busy to address and be updated on all of the ever-evolving nuances of marketing. That is where a professional is handy to guide and direct the process towards a consistent and efficient end – your business goals and, ultimately, bottom line.

For more information about the services a marketing consultant can provide or for a review of your current marketing strategy, give Piccolo Marketing a call at 615-348-7768.