A successful business is a structured business. A successful business owner will create that needed structure by planning for the year to come, setting business goals, and defining key indicators of success. As the business year comes to a close, it’s time to focus on having a winning Q4.

Setting Your Sights On A Winning Q4

Here are some points to consider that will help you focus on your Q4 to make it great:

  • Set Your Goal. Know where you’re going. You need to focus your efforts on achieving what is crucial for you and your business, so start with the end goal in mind.
  • Be Committed. Have a clear idea of what the cost will be to achieve your goal. It isn’t all that hard to get inspired and set a goal; the challenge comes in staying committed and consistent. 
  • Create A Plan. Detail your journey so that you arrive at your planned destination: your end goal. Having a plan is crucial to success, while having no plan virtually ensures you won’t ever get where you want to go. 
  • Take the steps. You know the saying: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Break down the big goal and create micro-goals that help you to step out. The smaller achievements along the way will make you feel great and keep your momentum going.
  • Stay Inspired. Inspiration is a motivating force—kind of like gas in a car. You’re on a journey to your Q4 end goal, and you need to make sure you don’t run out of fuel! Keep yourself fired up!
  • Keep Your Eye On The Finish Line. Your Q4 end goal is your finish line; believe in yourself and your abilities, and you will be crossing that finish line before you know it. Keep your eye on the prize!
  • Champagne In The Winner’s Circle! Celebrate your achievement, and be sure to include everyone who ran the race with you. 

I’m AnnaVija McClain, and I am here to help you in reaching your business goals and dreams. Whether you need resources, education, mentoring, or a shoulder to cry on, I am here to walk this journey with you. 

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