What Are Three Essential Skills Every Digital Marketer Needs To Have?

The digital industry is extensive and far-reaching, and it can be tough to find your niche if you are new to the field or on the hunt for a new role.

The great news is that there is a considerable demand for marketers with agile digital skills. It’s important to leverage and improve your hard and soft skills as you move forward into exciting new positions!

Read on to learn about the essential skills that every digital marketer needs to have to stay competitive in the digital marketing world.

What Does An Exceptional Team Member Need To Know?

There are some essential foundational qualities every employee or contractor should have, no matter what industry they work in.

An exceptional team member in any field will have the ability to:

  • Adapt quickly and learn on their own
  • Be flexible and ready to pivot into different digital careers as the industry evolves
  • Work with diverse teams and clients
  • Know how to communicate and build strong teams

What Are The Top Three Skills A Digital Marketer Needs To Stay Competitive?

In addition to the abilities listed above, the skillset of a digital marketing professional should include specific abilities to remain competitive. Here are three skills I think are some of the most important:

  • Digital marketing professionals don’t have to know everything about video production, but knowing how to make videos without hiring a professional is an excellent start. Your skills will never be wasted if you have some training in this area, and some excellent tools are available to help you master video production.
  • Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. SEO) is key to all levels of digital marketing, and anyone going into the field needs to have a basic handle on it. Knowing how SEO works and having a solid understanding of best practices and content optimization is crucial for running a successful digital marketing campaign and an essential skill for any digital marketing professional.
  • Most businesses have vast amounts of data to track, and great digital marketers need to understand how to gather and use this to their advantage. Companies will always be looking for people who know how to “read” data using their technical marketing skills and extracting value from customer data to improve future strategies.


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