One of the most fulfilling parts of my career is business mentoring. I love empowering and supporting others in starting and running their own business and gaining clarity on their values and passions so that they can live in pursuit of them! Sharing my own experiences to benefit someone else gives me an incomparable sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. 

Does this appeal to you, too? If so, that’s awesome! Let’s talk about how you can become a great business mentor.

What Makes For Great Business Mentoring?

A great mentor needs the disposition and desire to develop other people; it requires a willingness to reflect on and share your own experiences and failures! 

  • A great mentor will have a growth mindset and a learning attitude. The best teachers have always been those who remain curious themselves. 
  • A great mentor must have the skill of developing others; this includes an authentic proficiency in active listening and asking powerful, open-ended questions, self-reflection, providing feedback, and sharing stories with personal anecdotes, case examples, and honest insight.
  • A successful business mentor should have current and relevant industry or organizational knowledge, expertise, and skills. The best mentors have deep knowledge and expertise in the mentee’s area of interest.

How Can I Become A Great Business Mentor? 

You already have the desire, and that’s the most important thing. Let’s move on to some tips to use and some essential skills for you to develop:

  • Set expectations together right from the start.
  • Take a genuine interest in your mentee as a person.
  • Build trust.
  • Know when to give advice.
  • Share your own journey.
  • Celebrate their achievements.
  • Seek out resources to help your mentee grow.

I’m AnnaVija McClain. I’m dedicated to the Nashville business community, and I genuinely enjoy seeing others succeed. Whether you are interested in becoming a mentor, want to further develop your business mentoring skills, or are an intern looking for a mentor, I’m here to help!

For the past decade, I have helped business owners boost profitability while achieving increased personal fulfillment and equipped hundreds of young professionals with the skills and resources to transition from college into their careers successfully.

Check out my blog for business and marketing tips and information. I would love to sit down with you and talk about ways I can help you achieve your business goals; call me at (615) 348 7768 or contact me online!