When you’re in the thick of it – projects, new deals, deadlines, lead development, budgets, etc. – you can lose sight of your business identity. Sounds confusing, right? Try being a current or prospective customer. It’s important that your words and actions meet up when it comes to setting and meeting your clients expectations.

In the spirit of the Halloween season, let’s take a minute to pause and review your business focus. Does your business identity communicate your original vision?

  • Review your mission statement. Chances are when you were starting your company, you agonized over the perfect words, nuance, and tone of those key components. Then, after many drafts, edits, and second (and third) pairs of eyes, you finally had the perfect mission statement. Now that your company has progressed over time, think about when you last looked at or even considered your mission statement in a decision making process. It may be time to pull it out for a fresh look!
  • Revisit your business goals. Start by separating your 2018 goals into those you’ve achieved, those in progress, and those either on the backburner or yet to be started. For those you’ve achieved – what was successful, and how can you build on that for your 2019 business goals? With your goals in progress, if you are not able to complete them over the next few months, you should incorporate the final stages into your 2019 goals. Now for those goals you’ve avoided all year… why? Was the goal unrealistic? Did you lack the resources or finances to complete it? Take this time to consider if revamping your goal for the next year is appropriate and make adjustments to set yourself up for success.
  • Put yourself in the role of consumer. Before it goes live, your website can feel like an unhealthy obsession. You spend hours picking the perfect layout, the best pictures. You write the most beautiful descriptions and make sure every link is live. Whether you do it yourself or outsource the task, there is the inevitable back and forth of trying to pull everything together and perfect it. Now that it’s up and running, have you been back to visit? Remember this is oftentimes the first place a potential client will encounter your business. Don’t let it be the reason they leave and look elsewhere…

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