Everyone’s talking about AI these days. Many people are excited about all the possibilities of this relatively new technology, while others – not so much. 

Today I’d like to share some insight into artificial intelligence and how it is affecting the marketing world so far. My goals are to help skeptics understand AI better and feel more comfortable while celebrating all the fantastic opportunities it presents!

First of all, what exactly IS AI?

What Are Some AI FAQs I Need To Know?

Here are some core FAQs about artificial intelligence you should know:

  • What is it? Artificial intelligence combines computer science and robust datasets for problem-solving. It can also include machine learning and deep learning sub-fields.
  • Artificial intelligence is intelligence. AI perceives, synthesizes, and infers information, demonstrated by machines, as opposed to intelligence displayed by animals or humans. Tasks include speech recognition, computer vision, translation between languages, and other mappings of inputs.
  • AI uses algorithms. Machine learning is a form of AI based on algorithms trained on data. These algorithms can detect patterns and learn to make recommendations and predictions by processing data and experiences instead of receiving programming instruction. The algorithms also adapt to new data and experiences to improve their efficacy over time. 

How Is AI Changing The Marketing Landscape?

As a business owner, you’re most curious about how artificial intelligence influences today’s marketing landscape and whether AI will benefit your company. Let’s talk about three ways AI is changing marketing for the better!

  1. Increased efficiency. Artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT can help create and execute content faster than traditional methods, such as emails and taglines. Similarly, AI-powered design tools can generate creative banners and designs, inspiring marketing and sales campaigns.
  2. Sales assistance. Artificial intelligence can assist with lead qualification, product demonstrations, and customer engagement, while AI-generated salespeople can help companies save time and resources while providing excellent customer service.
  3. Mapping strategies. Artificial intelligence has the potential to help marketers map out an end-to-end content strategy and, in the future, will be able to generate comprehensive reporting on content initiatives without human assistance.

There are many potential benefits to using artificial intelligence! You may still have questions, and I’m here for that. Call me at (615) 348 7768 to schedule some time to talk. 

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