We all know that values are important in life. We learn them from our parents and other authority figures in our lives and these values give us a foundation to live by. They establish within our minds and hearts our personal understanding of right and wrong, our principles, beliefs, and philosophy of values, helping us to establish and follow our personal paths. 

Values are super important in our businesses, as well. Our company values support our vision and shape our company culture. Just like they are in our personal lives, they are the very essence of our identity. Establishing strong core values for your company will provide your endeavor with both internal and external advantages.

Here are just a few of the ways that core values are important to your company:

  • Determine the integrity of your company. For example, if one of your core values is to stand fully behind the quality of your products, your clients know that you can be trusted to provide them with a quality product. 
  • Primary recruiting and retention tools. Job seekers are doing their homework these days on the identities of the companies they are applying for, deciding whether or not companies hold the values that the job seekers consider important.
  • Support accountability. Core values ensure that your workforce knows what your company is all about, holding each member responsible for upholding those values. 
  • Encourage each team member to treat others with respect and dignity. This creates a work environment that is free to move forward in doing the job required.
  • Inspires your company to be a positive member of the community. Core values help to support and give back to your friends and neighbors – who are often also your clients!

I’m AnnaVija McClain. It’s my greatest pleasure to serve and work with the small business community both here in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, and around the world! Whether you need resources, direction, mentoring – or just a listening ear – I am here to help you reach your business goals!