Are you a social media user? Have you established credibility in your industry? Do you have a large audience? Can you persuade others with your social media reach? If you can answer yes to these questions, you qualify as  a social media influencer!

If you answered no, get started on these tips to increase your presence as a social media influencer:

  • Choose the right platform. There are many avenues for posting and sharing your digital content, so it’s important to choose the top 3-4 that make the most sense for your content. Does your content (and skill) lend itself to videos, blogs, or infographics? Whatever content you have, be thoughtful in how and when you present it across a variety of platforms. Remember to tailor your post to the platform! For instance, the way you craft your message in a tweet should look different as you translate your post over to Facebook.
  • Increase your credibility. With your content calendar in hand, create original, informative, and thoughtful content that reinforces your role as an “expert” in your field. What are your best “how-to” tips? Share a recent business experience and how you worked to find a solution. Be creative with presentation and include pictures, videos, and infographics as appropriate. The more inspiring, personal, and helpful you can be, the more you are likely to establish trust and influence amongst your audience.
  • Expand your circle of influence. Even your best blog post or video does you no good without an engaged audience! Growing your circle of influence should be a continuous, intentional process and can happen anywhere. Got a business card from a recent networking event? A potential client sent your way by a referral partner? Connected with someone on an online networking forum? However you reach potential clients, develop a system to formally include them in your recurring marketing drip campaign by gathering relevant contact information and looping them in as soon as possible.
  • Promote your expertise. Your content will speak for itself, but you need to give it a voice. By choosing your platforms, producing thoughtful content, and constantly growing and managing your audience, your expertise will promote itself. However, you need to establish a good marketing and content development system that is strategic and long-term. Bottom line: share, share, share. Get your content out there and promote it!


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