There are many options for social media platforms and seemingly more and more popping up each day. Which ones are the best for me and my business needs? Which ones have popularity and staying power?

To determine which platforms are best for you, explore the benefits of these top social media options:


As of June 2017, Facebook surpassed the 2 billion monthly active user mark. What’s more, they were the first social media site to reach the 1 billion mark and they doubled that number in just five years. What this means for you: statistically, Facebook is too big to ignore. With a huge audience at your disposal, Facebook is a great tool to relay tons of information in a variety of formats – text, video, photo, live stream, event invites, etc.

Already using Facebook? Explore tools you may not be using…


Instagram hit the scene back in 2010 and, today, boasts over 500 million active users! Even more amazing, it is second only to Facebook in popularity and is ranked #1 in social media engagement. What does that mean for you? Not only are people signed up and looking at Instagram… they are using it! With options to share pictures, videos, and now live video, your followers are sure to entertained with your latest happenings!

Don’t let your Instagram account sit idle or untapped! Capitalize on it!


It may have been a while since you set up your LinkedIn profile. Or you may have just entered in your information in an effort to get started connecting. LinkedIn is a great way to foster, develop, and maintain relationships with clients, colleagues, and referral partners. With an updated and active profile, this platform is effective in sharing original content, engaging in higher level conversation, and sharing and celebrating business successes.

Make sure you take the time to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile.


You may be wondering if a blog is the right move you. Maybe you’ve been mulling it over and haven’t committed or maybe you’ve made the leap but your motivation quickly died off. No matter where you’re at in the process, a blog is a great opportunity to share more than a quick update. Get into the details and share your favorite tips with your audience. With storytelling, step by step instructions, or tips on how to complete a particular task, there are limitless options to opening up your life or business to your audience through a blog.

Should you start a blog?

Where to even begin? First, breathe. The options are endless, but there is no right or cookie cutter answer as to what you should be doing with your social media. The key is to find the right combination of tools to target and engage your clients, colleagues, and referral partners.

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