The world of social media is so fast paced that it’ll pass you by if you don’t make a concerted effort to keep up. So, how do you keep your brand front and center?

  • Tell your story. You’ve seen it a lot lately – with videos, pictures, or good narratives, storytelling is a great marketing strategy and a growing trend. Consumers are looking for a relationship or experience, not simply a product, and storytelling helps to deliver that message. When you consider the story behind your business or brand, let your original goals and motivations guide you. Namely, ask yourself, “What’s your story?” And “What connection or benefit does that provide your clientele?”
  • Take advantage of social media. At Piccolo Marketing, we understand that our friends in small business have dreams and goals just as big as large corporations. However, we learn to dream big and achieve our goals with smaller budgets and less manpower. Fortunately, social media, when leveraged properly, can be a low-cost tool that delivers results in less time than a dedicated marketing department. Click here for tips on how to use social media to your business advantage.
  • Use keywords as part of your strategy. Your content calendar and marketing materials should be influenced by your list of keywords. This is simply a list of words that are related to your business and whose use in social media, blogs, or website content will help to boost your ranking in an online search. In choosing content, be mindful of these keywords and use them thoughtfully. (For example, we use keywords such as “marketing strategy,” “social media marketing,” and “marketing tips.”)
  • Be mobile friendly. I repeat: Be. Mobile. Friendly. It’s no longer acceptable that your digital presence is NOT mobile friendly. How likely are you to search for something on your phone versus a tablet or desktop computer? It’s important your online presence is transferable, presentable, and easy to navigate across a variety of platforms.

Need help to review, develop, and implement your current social media marketing strategy? Give us a call at Piccolo Marketing at 615-348-7768 to get started. We’d love to help you keep your business front and center in the eyes of the consumer.