So Long 2020 – Year End Wrap Up

2020 is gone and most of us are understandably thinking: “Good riddance!” 

This has been one of the toughest years for business owners in the past century. We were surprised, shocked, challenged, and stretched, and it has definitely not been a lot of fun. Sadly, many businesses have closed, while others have had to shift and reconsider almost everything they do and how they do it. Still, other businesses found themselves in a prime position to be able to serve customers while they were under quarantine situations, and for these endeavors 2020 has turned out to be a year of growth. 

No matter where you find yourself on the 2020 business spectrum, here are some things we have all learned from this crazy year:

Opportunity In Crisis

Business owners have had to dig deep to find new levels of creativity and perseverance, and what they have achieved has been pretty amazing. Moving to a remote model, either partially or completely, has been a revelation this year. Business leaders are finding that doing so dramatically decreases resource costs and overhead, as one example. The service industry has also pivoted to include no-contact services and to expand into new markets in order to survive. Business coaches have been working hard to support their clients as they reinvent themselves to meet all 2020 challenges.

Working Remotely

We have all found that there are actually a lot of ways to get things done through video chats. Instead of hanging out in the break room to chat, people are now in video chat rooms. I would venture to guess that every business owner has probably had to learn some new technology this year and to educate themselves and their workforce on the best ways to handle working from home

Streamlining Costs

Many 2020 business owners have refined their budgetary practices to stretch their resources, and while that can be a hard lesson it is certainly invaluable. Lowering unnecessary expenses increases your profit margin, and 2020 has made sure we took a good look at this area of our operations.

Healthy Priorities

This monumental year has demanded that we focus on what truly matters in life. Maintaining our authenticity with our staff and our clients now tops our priority list, and we have refined and strengthened our ability to listen and to care about what our customers think and need. We are more committed to practicing self-care and we’re no longer so chained to our work lives that we can’t take time to reflect on the beauty and blessing of just being alive.
I’m Anna-Vija McClain, and I am honored to be able to use my skills and talents to support the amazing business community here in Nashville. To do so I have developed products and services specifically designed to help you reach your business goals and dreams. Call me today and let’s sit down to talk about how I can help you!