When it comes to developing your small business strategy, there is no room for small thinking. Sales strategies commonly applied by larger businesses, such as coupons, sales, and large-scale promotions can be just as effective in the small business world. What matters is how, when, and why the strategy is implemented.

Consider how coupons, sales, and promotions can be used to boost your small business sales and, effectively, your bottom line:

How should my small business use coupons?

Coupons are a common business practice used to attract customers and increase sales. As a small business, the draw of coupons is both in attracting new customers and treating past customers. More specifically, with mass mailings, email marketing, or online promotion, a well designed coupon can attract and bring in first time customers. On the flip side, use email or direct mail campaigns to deliver exclusive coupons to preferred customers. Everyone loves to feel like they’re on the winning end of a good deal!

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Is it time for my small business to have a sale?

Think about your own experience… when faced with two similar products, are you more likely to buy the full price or discounted item? While it may seem counterintuitive to increase sales by decreasing prices, when sales are time limited and only occur occasionally, they can create quite the buzz. A good sale can increase store or website traffic, increase sales, and foster lasting business-customer relationships.

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When are promotions the right move for my small business?

All the time! Of course, your marketing budget is always a factor in the type of promotions you undertake. However, there are plenty of low to no-cost promotional ideas your small business can use. With ideas ranging from business cards and social media to press releases and business presentations, there are many ways to promote your business. Before you make any decisions, consider your target demographic and where and how they are most likely to see your message.

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