Every day, consumers have multiple media and marketing companies competing for their attention. Because of this, it’s becoming ever more challenging for any company to stay ahead of the game and maintain visibility. Increasing your visibility with consumers or businesses is one of the primary methods to staying competitive. I have six tips today that will help you increase your visibility in the community.


All successful marketing is really just great communication. Present your company in a positive light and share your strengths. Let the community know about your mission and make sure to maximize the message of your mission. Consumers will respond to your positivity when you are friendly in your communications and when you publish in a personable, real way. Being approachable is a strong message that will increase your visibility in the community. 


You are in business to solve the problems your clients are experiencing. Answering common questions on your website and creating an extensive list of easily digestible and helpful information can foster trust with potential customers. You may become a go-to for your community. Doing some research will tell you what types of solutions area clients are actively looking for which you can use to provide the perfect solutions. 


One fun way to increase your company’s visibility is to host contests or giveaways. You will want to be sure to tailor the contest’s prizes to your market. If you’re a company that provides specific products, you’ve got a ready-made method in creating prizes for any contest or giveaway. If you’re a service-based business, choose contest prizes that will be both attractive to the contestants and that will showcase your services. When hosting a giveaway, require entrants to complete simple tasks, such as sharing your post on a popular social media platform to increase your visibility. A single entrant could end up getting your company noticed by dozens of potential new customers. 


Satisfied clients or customers will often share your business as a resource with their family, friends, and business contacts, so make sure that your business is easy to share. Offering incentives to referrals, creating easy-to-share social media posts and reminding your customers every so often that you appreciate referrals from them are a few ways you can keep those referrals generating. If you design an incentive program for referrals, make sure that the incentive will be desirable and useful for your existing customers.


By partnering up with a charity in your community you can both increase your company’s visibility and gain goodwill. Pick an organization that is related to what your business offers for networking benefits, as well. A charity or a non-profit that has an unmet need that you can fill. 


It may make sense for your organization to work with influencers on social media platforms. Let’s face it, we all want to follow the advice of someone we trust. The best influencer choice would be someone who already uses your products or services because they are already sold and believe in what you have to offer. I’m AnnaVija McClain, and I am dedicated to small business owners both here in Nashville, Tennessee and across the nation. If you are not sure how to make a visibility plan part of your overall marketing strategy, give me a call! We can sit down and strategize to ensure you will experience all the business success you’ve been dreaming of.