We’ve been talking a lot about networking, contact development, and growing your lead lists both in person and online. Even after the initial work of meeting, engaging, and following up with new leads, you’re still not done! Don’t forget the important step of adding your contacts to your recurring drip marketing campaign so that you can keep the flow of information moving.

Email marketing is a powerful tool that I use in my business and for my clients on a daily basis. Here are some of my favorite tips to help get you started or to review your current email marketing strategy:

  1. Thoughtfully choose your email topic. Use your email marketing campaign to announce, review or reiterate important information. Have a new employee? Interview and introduce them to your clients/partners. Added a new product or service? Highlight your offerings with an email announcement. A recent success story? Share your news and highlight your best practices and helpful tips. The options are limitless, but be sure to thoughtfully develop meaningful and informational content for your readers.
  2. Synchronize your social media posts. It’s a fact that not every social media follower is subscribed to your email list and vice versa. Beyond that, people take in information differently so providing content in a variety of formats is a good way to reach the most people, most effectively. Besides, people often have to see things seven different ways for something to really sink in. Maybe they were busy and saw your email but didn’t read it. A few hours later, seeing a similar social media post will refresh their memory and could lead them back to their inbox for more information!
  3. Segment your contact list. It’s not enough to just send out an email! With email programs, like MailChimp, you can sort your leads into specific lists, such as partners, new leads, or current customers. I would also recommend segments, such as Top 2%, Top 20%, and Bottom 80% or groups based on type of services or interests. The more personalized and unique you can make your lists, and subsequent emails, the more likely you are to engage your contacts with relevant, meaningful information.
  4. Create an email marketing funnel. Explore your email program for reports on number of opens and clicks on an email. You should create follow up emails to target your email “opens” and “clicks” to best serve your readers. For instance, if a consumer opens your email, your software can trigger a second mailing with more detailed information. If someone clicks on a particular link within your email, you can set up rules within your system to reach out again, either by pre-programmed email or by a personal call/email from you directly.
  5. PROOFREAD. Proofread. And then ask someone else to proofread. This includes sending a test email and reading for spelling and grammatical errors, viewing the email from a design perspective, and checking the email links are in proper working order. There is nothing worse than misspelled or broken links in emails!

Need some more direction to get started or to revitalize your current email marketing strategy? Give us a call at Piccolo Marketing at 615-348-7768 for more information, guidance, and help in setting up your email marketing campaigns for success!