Believe it or not, we’re on the downhill slope of 2017. And, if you’re like me, you may be beginning to feel like you’re in a networking rut. You’ve been going to events, working your leads, and drinking coffee with new referral partners or clients. But are you seeing the ROI you had anticipated?

If not, it may just be time to reenergize your networking strategy for the greatest networking success in 2017!

  • Take a step back. Before you do anything, look back at the networking and business goals you set at the beginning of the year. Where were you heading and are you still on the path to get there? If not, how can you get back on track? It may also be possible that your goals have shifted or you need to set a new one. Whatever the case may be, take a minute to redefine your bigger picture goals.
  • Perfect your elevator speech. Based on what you decided above, you may need to adjust your elevator speech. Remember, you may have several renditions depending on the type of event and who your audience is. In addition to making sure your elevator speech lines up with your goals, revamp your story with any changes, successes, or motivations you’ve picked up along the way this year.
  • Update your networking materials. Take a look at your handouts and business cards – is everything up to date? Don’t forget to include your online materials, website, or social media platforms in this step; they are a huge networking tool!
  • Get out your calendar. What events do you have coming up? Have you blocked your time accordingly to allow for lead development, contact follow-up, and meetings? I would recommend at least 2 hours per week for this activity. If you don’t build it into your schedule, it won’t happen!
  • Try something new! There are so many networking opportunities out there, reenergize your schedule by trying something new! You can network at a local community fundraising or work-bee event, participate in a fitness or running club, or participate in an online networking forum. Get creative and enjoy yourself!!


Need some help developing, perfecting, or re-energizing your networking strategy? Get involved with us at Nashville Locals and see your circle expand and your business grow.