Has anyone seen the first 9 months of 2017? Holy cow, this year has FLOWN by and it’s about to start moving even faster as we head into the holiday season. As we trick and treat our way through October, eat through November, and give out gifts in December, business. must. go. on. And don’t forget about the big end of the year party!!

Over the next few months, don’t let your business responsibilities fall by the wayside. Rather, prepare yourself and stay ahead of the game with these tips:


  • Stay in costume. As you get busier, let the business processes and systems that have been working for you all year carry you through the next few months. Namely, stick to your schedule! Remember, the devil is in the details and knowing that you have kept up with your regular social media, networking, and marketing practices will help to keep things running smoothly. If you keep regular business practices running on cruise control you’ll be able to take on the extra holiday events and responsibilities with little disruption to your business.
  • Eat and drink. Tis the season! You’re supposed to be inviting everyone to coffee anyways, so simply carry on and savor the seasonal pumpkin spice beverages! In all seriousness, with business as usual, continue with your usual marketing, networking, and business development practices. The work you do now will set you up to hit the ground running in the first quarter of 2018.
  • Give to others. It’s the season of giving, so take that spirit into your business! Plan a holiday mailing campaign to recap important business news and accomplishments or to make a big announcement. Is there a special way you can give back? Seek out sponsoring a holiday networking event, family in need, or community event. How can you translate your business services into a volunteer or community service in the spirit of the season. Remember, giving in business is always a win!
  • Celebrate your employees and clients. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, so take time to reach out personally, through phone or handwritten note, to top clients and referral partners. Thoughtfully prepare a holiday party, bonuses, and a personal thanks to each employee for their hard work, dedication, and loyalty over the past year.
  • Prepare for the new year. In the midst of your regular business practices and holiday celebrations, schedule time to make your final preparations for the coming year. What progress have you made toward your current goals? How did you fare in regards to budgeting and revenue? What changes are coming down the pipeline you need to accomodate for? Make sure to take the time to start off 2018 on the right foot! (You’ll thank yourself later)


Overwhelmed at the thought of the coming months? Give us a call at Piccolo Marketing at 615-348-7768 for a hand in reviewing, developing, and implementing business and marketing systems to keep your business running smoothly!

Happy Holidays!