One of the biggest lessons we’ve learned from this past year is that a smart business owner needs to be ready for literally anything. 2020 has been a year of learning to be flexible, to turn on a dime, and to just survive – and all those skills are good to have in our business arsenal, for sure. As we head into 2021, though, we need to be sure that we plan for a brighter future, and the best time to plan for next year is right now!

Creating your business plan for next year right now is going to set your business up for success; it will require you to focus on shifting your current survival mode of thinking back to a long-term vision, and that will give you a fresh and reviving positive mindset. Having such positivity on board is strengthening for both you and your team, and brings with it a renewed commitment and determination, all of which is just plain good for business. 

The fourth quarter of the year is the time when businesses usually start drafting their business plan for the coming year, but as we leave 2020 behind it is even more important to get a jump on the year to come, so start now! You may have some recovery to achieve, and you more than likely made some changes with respect to your business practices to allow for the unexpected events we’ve experienced; all of these items will need to be reviewed and incorporated into your 2021 business practices. You’ll want to be sure to do a thorough analysis of your company to find any possible weaknesses or threats to your business, as well as to identify areas of strength, so you can determine where you need to improve and where you are good to go. 

As you are planning ahead, be sure that your team knows that you value and appreciate them and that you will be committed to taking good care of them in the coming months and years. Accounting for the physical and mental health of your staff is something you need to plan for now so that your team can be confident going into 2021. Planning for next year now by continuing to maintain workplace flexibility and healthy environment practices will be helpful in ensuring that your team is confident in their workplace safety and security, both of which are proven to have a positive impact on business productivity. 

Plan for next year now! 2021 is going to be amazing!

I’m AnnaVija McClain, and it’s my absolute pleasure to work with small business owners just like you to create comprehensive business plans that are unique to you and what you do. Your success is my goal. Let’s sit down and talk about how I can help you do what you do best!