The ever-growing world of social media vastly increases your potential for connectivity. Taking your networking strategy online is a great way to grow and expand your business. But can online networking work for your business?

The short answer — yes. As with any other business tool, it’s all about your strategy and how well you stick to it.

To get started….

    1. Connect With the Influencers. The best way to grow your list of friends or followers is to expand your circle of influence. This happens as current connections engage with and share your posts. Naturally, the larger the audience of the person sharing your posts, the greater the potential for your content to reach new audiences. Therefore, your #1 goal is to connect with the influencers; namely, bloggers, journalists, podcast hosts, etc. People with large audiences who will mobilize behind them.
    2. Be a Good Listener. Online networking is about reciprocity. Start by following the influencers you are targeting. Take in their content – comment on it, share it, subscribe to their newsletters, etc. Make sure to follow these influencers across all platforms and be thoughtful in your engagement with them.
    3. Promote Them Through Your Content. An easy way to grab the attention of your target influencers is to promote them directly in your content curation. Quote them in your blog or social media posting and tag them directly. Remember, you have to give in order to get!
    4. Take Your Connection to the Next Level. Once you start to build connections with influencers through the steps above, it’s time to take things offline. Direct phone calls, emails, or in-person meetings with your target influencers is the ultimate goal. Taking your connection offline moves you from being just another face in the digital crowd to a real person. Remember, your ultimate goal is to connect with these influencers, but be sure to make your connection one of mutual benefit. What can you bring to this new relationship?
    5. Write a Review. Seriously. This is a GREAT way to get on the radar of your target influencer. Everyone wants great reviews, and leaving an honest, thoughtful review of your influencers podcast, book,etc. is a start in the process of building a relationship.
    6. Collaborate. Seek out ways to provide them with content. Do they seek out guest bloggers? Are they hosting an online forum, webinar, etc. that you can promote and participate in? Building a personal connection and working together is a powerful way to increase your influence and build reciprocal relationships.

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