A healthy work-life balance should never be an afterthought, whether you are thinking about your own as a busy small business owner or considering the well-being of your workforce. The past year has been stressful for many people. Some are having a hard time reinstituting a work-life balance that makes sense for them. Protecting the mental health of your employees will be an important consideration for your company as you move forward into the coming months to come back strong. 

Today’s businesses need to be ready for pretty much anything in this fast-paced, high-stakes world. That means that your team needs all the support you can give them to ensure that they can manage whatever comes. 

One great way to help your team manage life at work and home is to create a schedule of mental health days for your team. You can establish them regularly for the entire team or you can have employees choose a day a month or a quarter that suits them the best, taking into consideration the needs of the business, of course. Depending on your company insurance these may be paid or unpaid. You will have to determine what is possible based on your own insurance situation. 

Mental health days are awesome because they can be a mini-vacation or a day to regroup and decompress. It’s something they are required to do as well. Many Americans have a hard time taking time off from work, but doing so has shown to improve productivity and creativity. This means it’s actually a good business decision to make mental health days a priority in your company. 

I’m AnnaVija McClain. As a female entrepreneur and business coach/mentor, I have managed many challenges and successes over the years. I have talked with lots of small business owners about their own as well. I know what it’s like to build, maintain, and grow a small business through all of the unexpected events that life throws at us. If you are facing workforce morale challenges or if you are wanting to create a healthier work environment that better supports the mental health of your employees, I am here to help you do that!