Yep, you read that right. You can successfully network and develop your business from home. DISCLAIMER: at home, pajama-clad networking DOES NOT replace your in-person networking efforts. It is simply an adjunct. After all, the key to networking is follow-up and you can do that from anywhere!

To boost your networking strategy from the comfort of your own home…

  1. Connect With the Influencers. The best way to grow your list of friends or followers is to expand your circle of influence. This happens as current connections engage with and share your posts. Naturally, the larger the audience of the person sharing your posts, the greater the potential for your content to reach new audiences. Therefore, your #1 goal is to connect with the influencers; namely, bloggers, journalists, podcast hosts, etc. People with large audiences who will mobilize behind them.
  2. Continue to Generate Leads. In online networking, your success and sales depend on the size of your audience. The more people you meet, the bigger your circle of influence becomes. You can do this through automation! Set up your website, messenger programs (such as Facebook Messenger), and social media pages with autoresponders. The key to success is follow-up AND follow through. With automation options, you can set yourself up to be “available” and to provide important information to your network at a moment’s notice. Even more, check out Live Chat options for your website!
  3. Try Your Hand at Network Marketing. Network marketing is booming. From health and wellness products to fitness groups and meal programs, online-based businesses are popping up everywhere. In a network marketing model, business growth and success relies on a network of distributors, aka individual business owners/sellers. In order to boost sales, network marketing requires lead generation, recruiting, and building and management. Take a further look at how to grow your business online here.
  4. Get Social. In today’s world, there is more opportunity for networking available at your fingertips than ever before! Facebook and LinkedIn both allow immediate access to an endless group of connections through your phone or computer. Even with these advances, you have to know how to take advantage of this technology. To take your networking strategy to the next level, you need to tap into the digital, online world of connectivity. But with so many social media platforms, where and how do you even get started?

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