In today’s world, there is more opportunity for networking available at your fingertips than ever before! Facebook and LinkedIn both allow immediate access to an endless group of connections through your phone or computer. Even with these advances, you have to know how to take advantage of this technology. To take your networking strategy to the next level, you need to tap into the digital, online world of connectivity. But with so many social media platforms, where and how do you even get started?

  • Update your social media profiles. First things first, before you embark on a social media networking adventure, make sure your profiles are updated. This includes your website and any larger scale business changes, such as new products or services or employee transitions.
  • Post consistently and thoughtfully. In order to connect with people on social media, your first step is to post. Make sure that what you post is consistent, thoughtful, and informational to current and potential clients. With meaningful and relevant content, you are working to set yourself up as an expert in a given field. Don’t be afraid to be yourself or to make a joke here and there!
  • Engage with your posts. Don’t abandon your posts after your original posting. As part of your scheduled social media time, check your notifications for any comments, replies, likes, or shares. Reach out periodically to offer “thanks” for sharing or favoriting your posts. Continue the conversation and build connections – you did the work, don’t let it go to waste!
  • Reach out to others. Just like you should be following up with your original post, be sure to engage with others online. As you start to involve yourself in the digital world around you, you’ll find people you want to connect with. Reach out to them privately and start a conversation; maybe you have a burning question their expertise could help with. As you connect with others, invite them to coffee (or a phone or skype meeting, based on the person’s location) – there’s no reason you can’t build connections, clients, or referral partners with an online networking strategy!
  • Stay connected! Just as you would after in-person networking events, add your new personal contacts to your email marketing contact lists. As you continue to develop your recurring marketing drip campaign, your new contacts will remain in the loop. Be sure to segment your lists for greater personalization of email content!


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