Network marketing is booming. From health and wellness products to fitness groups and meal programs, online-based businesses are popping up everywhere. In a network marketing model, business growth and success relies on a network of distributors, aka individual business owners / sellers.

In order to boost sales, network marketing requires lead generation, recruiting, and building and management. Let’s take a look at how to grow your business online:

Lead Generation: In network marketing, your success and sales depend on the size of your audience. The more people you meet, the bigger your circle of influence becomes.

  • DO: automate! Set up your website, messenger programs (such as Facebook Messenger), and social media pages with autoresponders. The key to success is follow-up AND follow through. With automation options, you can set up yourself to be “available” and to provide important information to your network at a moment’s notice. Even more, check out Live Chat options for your website!
  • DON’T: over commit! As mentioned previously, the key to success is follow-up AND follow through. If you commit to a time or task, deliver on that promise. In a network marketing model, you act as a liaison between the consumer and a larger company. If you are not able to follow through in a timely manner, consumers are free – and likely – to seek out other retailers or to abandon your product altogether.

Recruiting: To grow your business, you’ll need to continuously recruit and cultivate both new customers and new business partners.

  • DO: be inspirational! In order to grow your business, you have to inspire others to join you, in whatever capacity that may be. Develop your story to relay to others why you love this product or company. Specifically, what has it done for you and what can it do for them? What is your motivation? What are your goals? People are more likely to connect to your business on a personal level, finding common ground and inspiration from your story or experience.
  • DON’T: spam everyone! The blessing and the curse of the internet is instant access. In order to be successful in growing your network, it’s crucial to be personal. You should attempt to reach out to individuals more directly, such as by phone or in person. After the initial contact, follow up with online messaging or email is appropriate. Above all, avoid the optics of “spamming.” Namely, simply copying and pasting one message to every Facebook friend doesn’t read as well to your potential customers. It’s also easier for them to ignore you!

Building and Management: As you’re adding customers and business partners, be sure to keep in regular communication to train, motivate, and manage your network.

  • DO: create a system! I suggest developing a framework for communication, including when and what to communicate, such as an introductory email, product information, business information, how-to and instructional videos, etc. You can stray from the framework on an individual basis based on customer preferences, interests, and specific requests. Many email marketing and social media platforms allow for scheduling and automation, so be sure to utilize these tools to your highest advantage!
  • DON’T: disappear! You’ve done all the work to recruit and sign up customers and business partners, so don’t leave them hanging! As part of your communication system, be sure to follow up with customers to see how they like their new product. Your attention and care will help to lock them in as repeat customers and give you the opportunity to correct any issues.

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