If you’re an entrepreneur (or considering taking the leap), you likely possess many or all of the key traits commonly assigned to entrepreneurs. For instance, you’re likely to describe yourself as a determined, confident risk-taker. Sound familiar?

But, did you know your networking strategy itself could benefit from some of that same spirit? Take your networking strategy to the next level with these philosophies:


  • Learn something. At least one new thing a day! This can be as simple as reading an article or blog on a new or less familiar topic. The bottom line is, you should never stop learning and, as an entrepreneur, you’re probably always searching and looking for more. Never settle and never get comfortable! It’s not enough to read, but aim to implement new strategies. In networking, you should seek to learn about your fellow networkers – what are their interests, networking goals, or business goals and how can you fill the gap and solve their problem?
  • Embrace failure. You’re not going to hit a homerun, close a deal, or gain a customer with every networking experience. Since you’re following up with everyone, you’re not going to make a connection with everyone. You should actually rest assured that your seemingly giant list will weed itself out naturally. That doesn’t mean you don’t attack it full force and with a solid, consistent plan. It just means it may not be the right person at the right time. However, since your networking and marketing strategies are working together, your recurring marketing drip campaign may find them at the right time in the future.
  • Be passionate. Networking may not be your favorite activity. Review your networking goals in light of your business goals. What is your biggest, loftiest business goal and how can networking get you there? Infuse your next networking venture with a larger goal to find your passion or purpose. People will feed off of that passion and drive and your networking will thrive as a result.
  • Adapt quickly. Before you head out to your networking event, make sure you’re prepared with your elevator speech, networking goals, and marketing materials. Even the best laid plans run into snags. Embrace them as opportunities and challenges and make them your own!


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