Hitting plateaus is part of life. Whether you’re working on losing weight or gaining muscle, learning a new language or earning a degree, or journeying toward your career goals, there will be days when the end is definitely NOT in sight. It’s normal – but so frustrating!


You aren’t growing and improving like you think you should be and sure aren’t at the point you wanted to be by this point! You feel as though you really have tried everything – listened to every podcast, every webinar, every motivational speaker – and given every single “top tip” a try. Nothing is working! 

I know you’re at your wit’s end, but don’t give up just yet. I’ve got an idea for you; one that helped me get to where I wanted to go when I first started as a small business owner and one that is STILL my go-to for career wisdom and motivation. I have a business mentor!


What Is A Business Mentor, And How Can They Help Me?


Let’s discuss what a mentor is and how having a mentor can help you grow. A business mentor:


  • Is a trusted advisor you can turn to for business wisdom and help. If you hit a tough spot, you’ve got a friend!
  • is there to listen, guide, and provide valuable contacts and resources. 
  • Will help you reach your full potential as an entrepreneur.
  • Will have specialized experience and skill in a particular field, such as technology or finance, while others may boast an excellent reputation for working with start-ups.
  • Will help you look at situations from different perspectives and provide practical tips, methods, and strategies for many circumstances.

How Do I Find The Right Business Mentor For Me?


You may think, “Okay, Anna Vija, you have convinced me that I need a business mentor/coach. How do I find the right one for my business model and me?”


I’m glad you asked! Keep reading for some tips on finding the perfect mentor for your business:


  • Finding a mentor is similar to dating. You may learn about someone, see some similarities, and schedule a coffee to explore the relationship. After a few meet-ups, the relationship strengthens; the best mentor-mentee relationships evolve organically. 
  • Consider the people in your network whom you have relationships with. Who are the people that have helped and supported you in the past? Who helped you see career opportunities, pointed out your strengths, or gave you helpful critical feedback? These might include past bosses, colleagues, peers, or senior people in other departments with whom you have had strong interactions. It would help if you also considered experts in your field whose work you admire. 
  • There are many resources to help you find mentors and advice, too. The Small Business Administration ensures that each state and territory has a Small Business Development Center, often available through higher learning institutions and free of charge. SCORE is another resource for small-business owners seeking to connect with experienced entrepreneurs. Other resources include the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, the Office of Veterans Business Development Center, and the Women’s Business Development Center.


As a young entrepreneur, I benefited greatly from some fantastic mentors, and I still gain incredible knowledge and advice from my current coaches and mentors today. 


I also love to help other people realize their business dreams and goals. I’m AnnaVija McClain, and I don’t believe in one-time solutions for one-time problems. I teach a mindset and help you narrow down a focus to establish a framework for your long-term success. As a mentor myself, I provide mental clarity and the confidence you need as a small business owner to adapt, plan, and GROW!


Connect with me today and let’s get started!