Starting a blog can be intimidating, and when it comes to finding topics weekly or monthly that are fresh and relevant, can become a trying experience. Today I am sharing a few tips and thoughts that will not only help you get started but that will assist you as you grow

  • Be All In. Building a relevant blog requires commitment. It is exhausting, time-consuming, and will require you to be brushed up on your writing skills, but the results will be worth it. Every new blogger has to go through that first step of getting used to the demands of creating a good blog, so you are not alone. 
  • Know Your Audience. To maintain relevance, you need to know who you are writing for. Do your skills match your audience? If not, take steps to improve. Unsuccessful bloggers are those who don’t take the time to grow their knowledge in the area they are writing about. As you read and respond to, your readers’ comments and questions you will get to know them better over time, which will help you to write to their interests, as well.
  • Topical Relevance. Short-term topics can be trendy, viral, and of-the-moment, while blogs with long-term appeal need to be relevant in the future. Both will bring you traffic and success. You will also want to consider archiving your older posts so that you can continue to stay on-point.  
  • Material. If the content for your topic is not exhaustive enough to flesh out a good blog, find new material. 
  • Competition. Study the competition, and don’t be afraid to take a hint. While you won’t want to steal their content (it’s illegal and uncool, to say the least), you can use their good ideas to inspire those of your own. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke….
  • Appeal. Your topic must capture the attention of your readers. You can make a mistake with the design or even a few gaffes in the post itself, but you have to remain interesting. Appealing to your audience is the true foundation of relevance. 
  • Tools. There are a lot of blogging tools out there that can be helpful. Some will help you identify trending topics, while others share helpful tips and industry secrets from your fellow bloggers. 

Keep going. It will get easier, and the results will amaze you!

I’m AnnaVija McClain. I’m a Nashville girl, but not of the “boots and guitar” variety. I love the creative environment of Music City, and my big dream is to help people find their happiness, improve their lives, grow their businesses, and thrive. Let’s talk about how I can help you start your blog, and keep it going strong!