As an entrepreneur, you have chosen a lifestyle that allows you to choose your own destiny. You can decide from day to day how your hours will be spent, and that is part of living an abundant life. From this abundance, you will enjoy the ability to give back to your community, and that ability is another aspect of abundant living – living for a purpose that is higher than ourselves by giving to others. This lifestyle brings about success that is even greater than just success in your business; you will enjoy success in your personal life, too, by enjoying the satisfaction that comes from making a difference. 

Here are a few ideas that may help you to make a difference, no matter what industry you are in:

  • By Giving. You can have a positive impact by donating a percentage of your service, time, and/or profits to a worthy cause. Mentoring someone in your industry who is just starting out is one way to do that, or reaching out to other business people to create a fundraiser for the less fortunate in your community could be another way. Just being kind and considerate as you go about your day connecting with others in the business community can make a real difference, as well. 
  • By Practicing Good Ethics. Running your business ethically and honestly is a great way to make a real difference in your industry, and it will help your business as well. Your customers will come to trust and rely on you, and they will definitely tell ten people! (Who will tell ten people….) When you offer excellent customer service, that customer base can’t help but grow, and you will be influencing the world around you in a positive way at the same time. 
  • Finding Your True Passion. Leading a life of purpose and true meaning is rewarding personally, but it also will help us to make a greater contribution to our community. Each of us is unique and powerful in our own way, and when we take our uniqueness and focus on what we truly believe in, we change the world for the better. Perhaps you already love what you do but you also have a heart for people who don’t have enough to eat; find like-minded people in your industry and come up with a way to do something about that. 
  • Continuing To Grow. Always stay focused on learning and growth. Don’t settle for mediocrity – be your best! Share what you learn with others, and encourage them to grow and share, too. Your industry will be better for it, and so will your community. Stay up-to-date on new trends and products, fresh ideas, and inventive solutions. Putting new thoughts and practices into place will have a positive impact on your industry. 

I’m dedicated to small business owners – that’s my passion. I want to help others to find their purpose and their happiness, and I work hard every day to make that happen. That’s how I make a difference in my industry; let’s talk about more ways in which you can do the same!