Running your business is demanding at the best of times, but that’s okay – you expect that. Every business owner is aware that an enterprise is going to require your attention on a far more intense level; you take that into consideration going in. Being highly invested in your business is normal, and it can continue to seem normal even after the demands increase beyond the point that they should.

How do you know when you’re juggling too much? And once you decide you are, what in the world do you do about it?

Here are some symptoms of someone who has too many balls in the air:

  • Your health suffers. You haven’t been able to take the time to care for yourself in all the areas you know you should, because you just don’t have time – and it’s starting to show. You don’t look that great, and you feel even worse.
  • You aren’t getting good sleep. Worry and stress are affecting your sleep quality; let’s not even get started on the bad dreams.
  • You don’t see any of the people you care about, and relationships are falling apart.
  • Your productivity is falling. Just because you are doing it all doesn’t mean you CAN do it all.
  • Your joy in what you do is almost completely gone.

Okay, so you see yourself here. Now, what can you do about it?

  • Delegate. Let others help you. If you don’t have anyone, find someone.
  • Question. Do you still love this? Have you lost your passion, and if so, can you get it back? Do you want to? Sometimes busyness is just a mask for dissatisfaction.
  • Relax. Make yourself take time off, even if it’s just a few hours a week. Non-work allowed only.
  • Research. Find new ways to do things – network with others in business and get pointers from others in your field.
  • Find a mentor. A mentor is someone who will stand with you and share their experiences with you, helping you through the normal ins and outs of business ownership. Chances are, they have been where you are and they know how to get out of the situation.

As a business owner, we’ve been there. Too many balls in the air, and not sure what to do about it. Let us help!