As a manager or business owner, you’re aware that you should have a solid exit strategy. If you were to receive a promotion or sell your business, you’d need a departure plan and a candidate to fill your role to ensure that your organization thrives after you’re gone.

It’s also important to instill leadership skills in your employees for the good of their careers. When your team members are equipped with robust management skills, they’re equipped to make informed decisions, guide their peers, and be qualified for other business opportunities. Your staff will appreciate it, which will positively affect their productivity and reliability while on your team.

It takes time to build a strong leader, so you had better get started! 


What Are Some Top Strategies I Can Use To Develop Strong Leaders?


Let me share some top leadership-building strategies I’ve learned through my own experiences:

  • Networking can be awkward, but by attending events, I learned how to forge connections with strangers, initiate conversations confidently, and ask others for things I need or want. 
  • As I hand out projects and assignments at my own company, Piccolo Solutions, I give some thought to my unique duties as CEO and owner. My employees and interns may not be familiar with these skills, but they should be if they aim to move up within the organization! I take the time to find ways for my team to gain experience in those areas.
  • You’ll probably form a mentor-mentee relationship with your team members as you help them build and expand their leadership skills. Such relationships are a natural progression and a very beneficial tool to help your staff hone their leadership skills by providing knowledge, accountability, support, encouragement, and much more. Being a mentor is one of my greatest strengths — and joys!


How Does Empowering Your Employees Help Your Business?


Empowering your employees by supporting them to become strong leaders is a win-win situation on several levels. It will be satisfying to you as a person to know you are helping others, and it is also smart business. 

Here’s how empowering your employees helps your business:

  • Empowering leaders involves setting strategic goals and benchmarks and letting employees decide how to meet them; this helps foster an environment where employees feel safe pursuing their concepts and unleashing their creativity. Creative and innovative employees can’t help being productive!
  • The right tools and an organizational commitment to empowerment will improve employee productivity and enhance business performance. 
  • Stop micromanaging and start leading by giving your team autonomy, freedom, and authority while holding them accountable. People will always rise to your expectations! If you expect little of the people who work with you, that is all they will deliver. 


“Great leaders choose to mentor others before their tenure comes to an end because they know that great things should not end with them.”


― Gift Gugu Mona, The Effective Leadership Prototype for a Modern Day Leader


I’m AnnaVija McClain. I’m dedicated to the Nashville business community and genuinely enjoy seeing others succeed. Whether you are interested in becoming a mentor, want to develop your business mentoring skills further, or are an intern looking for a mentor, I’m here to help!


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