Whether you’re a remote worker – either a subcontractor or a W2 employee – or the owner of a small business with offices in your home, you want your business to thrive. 

You may have realized that things could be going better; you may feel disorganized and inefficient, or sales are not what they should be this time of year. Or it could be that you’re just starting and want to hit the ground running; whatever the case may be, today, we’re going to talk about ways to create a thriving remote workplace.


What Are Some Creative Tips To Solve Remote Workplace Challenges?

To be honest, working remotely is often not for the faint of heart! It’s an environment that comes with some very unique challenges that require creative solutions. Here are a few of the most common issues you may be facing, as well as some innovative solutions to help:

  • Challenge: Isolation. Many people who work remotely work alone. While solitude can help you concentrate undisturbed, it can also make you feel isolated from other people. Solution: Community. Connect with organizations like the Small Business Administration in your area, or reserve workspace at a collaborative workplace like WeWork
  • Challenge: Over-work. Working remotely means you never really leave your workspace, especially working from home. It is very easy to continue working long after regular work hours because you don’t have to leave to go home, or you can continue your work at any time. Solution: Schedule. Make dates to meet friends after work, or set a timer on your computer to let you know the workday has ended. Then get up and go live a little! 

Challenge: Distractions. Viewing your home as a workplace and not just a place you relax can be difficult. While working remotely can be helpful for those with family or pets to care for, these can also provide distractions from your work. Solution: Designated Workspace. Create an office within your home by renovating a room or designating a corner as yours. A well-placed screen can lend some privacy, while pet gates can keep Rover and Miss Kitty in their own area for a while. 


What Do I Do When I Need Help Finding Solutions To Business Challenges?

Are you experiencing the results you wanted to see? If not, keep reading for a few recommendations.

Connecting with other business owners in your area can benefit you in many ways besides giving you someone to interact with! Pursue relationships with experienced and seasoned business professionals open to encouraging you and sharing their wisdom. 

Consider asking someone you’ve developed a rapport with whether they are willing to be your business mentor.

You may wonder how a business mentor can help create a thriving workplace environment. Let me count the ways!

  • A business mentor often has previous experience in managing or owning a business.
  • A business mentor can provide handy tips and advice about your career. Most mentors have experienced challenges similar to the ones you face, so using your mentor’s career journey as an example will help you visualize your future.
  • A mentor addresses gaps in your professional development by teaching you concepts you might not know or sharing tips you may have yet to hear.


I’m AnnaVija McClain. I’m dedicated to the Nashville business community and genuinely enjoy seeing others succeed. Here to help you overcome obstacles to creating a thriving remote workplace!

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