Starting, building, and growing your small business is exciting and fulfilling, especially in the beginning. It seems like the sky’s the limit and that success is practically guaranteed! 

 Then a few balls get dropped, it happens, and you miss a goal or two; perhaps you have some staffing issues or lose an important client, and suddenly it seems as though things are out of control. Those goals are looking pretty unattainable.

 At this point, many business leaders find themselves working longer and longer hours for less pay to keep all the balls in the air while wondering what possessed them to start a business in the first place! After all, their initial goal was freedom, wealth, and independence. What happened?

 Chances are you are suffering from a lack of business systems.

What Are Business Systems And Why Are They Important For My Success?

  • A business system is a series of interdependent tasks or documented procedures that outline precisely how to complete a task in an organization to achieve a business objective. Sound business systems streamline workload, improve productivity, and get results.
  • A business process (which is basically a series of checklists) can be given to a new employee and implemented with no training; it improves your onboarding process and also betters your customer service.
  • Once you’ve got your business systems in place, you can focus your time on creating new products that cater to your different customer segments and so increase your profit margins.
  • Business systems allow you to deliver a consistent experience; every time a customer interacts with your business, they get an excellent experience. You become a trusted partner.
  • You can reduce your number of employees since technology will be able to handle most of the more mundane and repetitive tasks. 
  • Your employees will be more productive because they have a set way of doing things; this eliminates confusion and alleviates wasted time and energy.

What Kinds Of Systems Are Available To Put Into Place?

 You can systematize anything in your business, but four main types of business systems are core to a successful organization. 

  • The marketing system generates a consistent flow of leads into the business.
  • The sales system nurtures leads, follows up with them, and converts them into paying customers.
  • The fulfillment system supplies the product or service in exchange for the client’s payment.
  • The administration system includes accounts, reception, human resources, and other internal support for the other business functions.


I’m AnnaVija McClain, dedicated to the business community of Nashville and beyond. I am here to help you plan the direction of your business and set your systems so you can reach your goals. Contact me, and let’s schedule a time for us to talk about what I can do for you!