The past few years have required us all to pivot in our personal and work lives, with many of us finding ourselves doing things we never thought we would do, such as operating a remote business or working remotely for someone else. 

Running a remote business comes with a whole set of challenges unique to this type of business. For your venture to be successful, you need to meet those challenges head-on with creative and effective solutions!

My company – Piccolo Solutions – operates outside the traditional office environment and has from its inception. I’ve experienced all the frustrations, the ups and downs, the bumps and crashes. I’ve also enjoyed the excitement of the wins and achievements! A lot have been learned along the way, and I want to share my knowledge with you today.

Keep reading for tips and information that will be advantageous for you in your remote venture.


What Are Some Of The Biggest Challenges Remote Business Owners Face?

Some common difficulties you may face as the owner of a remote company:

  • Communication. Communication is the number one issue in most work environments — not just among remote teams. However, varying time zones and flexible schedules can create extra pressure on your workflow and team collaboration. 
  • Project Management. Project management is a challenge all on its own, and it can seem impossible when your team members are in far-flung locations. 
  • Technology. Employees will have a desktop computer or laptop and the software or subscriptions they need in an office. Remote workers are often expected to supply their own devices, which can lead to inconsistencies, slow production, cause information transfer issues, and add minutes to everyone’s day.


What Are Some Excellent Solutions To These Common Remote Business Challenges?

Most business challenges are within your reach of influence, which means you can do something about them. Here are a few solutions that will help you solve the challenges listed above:

  • Experiment with different communication tools that work best for your outstanding people. Ask for team member input and honor their preferences to the best of your ability.
  • Cloud-based project management tools work best for virtual teams. There are dozens of options to choose from, so check out the demo versions until you find one that makes sense for your project and team. Consider using the agile project management method and holding daily “scrum calls” to keep everyone on task. Agile is especially helpful for projects with fast-approaching deadlines and numerous milestones.
  • Give your employees the right technology for their job. Consider shipping them laptops, reliable laptop cases or travel bags, and wireless mice. Set up their laptops with standard business software, such as word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs, and licenses for tools specific to their tasks. Cloud-based technologies are better than manual software installations because you don’t have to worry about upgrades. If virtual team members want to use their computers and software, ensure all equipment and tools meet certain specifications and consider the cost savings you’ll enjoy.


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