Thanks to remote work, smart tech, and more flexible schedules, keeping a distance between our professional and personal lives is becoming more complex. We don’t have two lives – one personal and another professional – we have just one life with many facets. 

Pursuing a healthy work/life balance means showing up for the different roles you fulfill in your life the way you know you should while ensuring that one area isn’t dominating the rest of your life. However, sometimes you may feel like you aren’t successful in keeping things balanced.


How Can I Tell When My Work/Life Balance Is Not Healthy?


Here are a few ways you can tell when your work/life balance isn’t, well…balanced. You may experience:

  • Difficulties in your relationships
  • Feelings of negativity, cynicism, irritability, or resentment
  • Emotional, physical, or mental exhaustion
  • Being out-of-sorts, overwhelmed, or constantly pulled in many different directions.


None of these experiences are comfortable or healthy and can lead to more serious issues if you don’t handle them correctly. Let’s discuss some benefits you will experience when maintaining a healthy work/life balance!


What Are Some Benefits Of A Healthy Work/Life Balance For My Mental Health?


Here are a few of the main benefits of maintaining a healthy work/life balance:

  • People who maintain a balance between work and personal life experience a sense of fulfillment and contentment in their life.
  • A balanced work/life will help reduce health-related complications and the risk of various severe diseases such as heart issues, hypertension, stress, or lifestyle-related ailments.
  • A more excellent work/life balance will improve productivity and performance at work.
  • A healthy work/life balance facilitates collaboration in professional and personal relationships


Do you need help balancing your work and your life? I’m here to help!

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For the past decade, I’ve helped business owners boost their profitability while achieving increased personal fulfillment and equipped hundreds of young professionals with the skills and resources to transition from college into their careers successfully. 

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