It’s the final countdown. Your last chance to start off 2018 with a bang. On. Day. One.

Watch out, 2018, we’re coming in hot!!

  • Have a plan. You’re not going to be going anywhere fast without one. Not only will the plan help to keep you on track and serve as a decision making guide, it will serve as a frame of reference for your employees. Knowing the end goal helps to set and maintain your course, so finalize your plans and goals today.
  • Know your plan. Don’t just write your goals down because you should. A goal without a plan is just words on a paper. Know your plan inside and out, front to back. Your goals and your plans to accomplish them should be second nature.
  • Tell everyone else about your plan. It’s not enough for you to know the plan, your employees need to be in the loop, too. Start off the New Year with a team meeting to lay out your goals for the year and stress the importance of each goal. A team with a united and singular vision is one that will work well together and succeed. That starts at the top!
  • Stick to the plan… Give your plan a chance to work. With regular check-ins with your employees and a review of your progress toward each goal, you’ll be able to keep on track of your forward movement.
  • …Until you shouldn’t. No need to go down with the ship. Plans are great; but sometimes even the best laid plans just don’t work out. Since you’re on top of your plans and managing your progress towards your goals, you’ll start to wonder at some point whether this is going to work out. At this time, reevaluate your plan. Talk to your team and work together to chart a new course. Find a new plan.


Is it past January 1, 2018? No need to wait until 2019 to be awesome. Give us a call at Piccolo Marketing at 615-348-7768 and we’ll help you get back and stay on track. There’s no time like the present!!