Summer fun doesn’t have to take a back seat to your business. And vice versa. Your business, social calendar, and tan can all flourish during the fleeting summer months. While planning and goal setting are hugely important, sometimes you just have to trust that you’ve done the work to prepare yourself, let your hair down, and have a little fun!

Have fun with your business this summer with these tips. Your business, employees, customers, and even yourself will thank you for it!

  • Schedule downtime. I know this sounds extremely counterintuitive, but scheduling downtime in your day or week may be just the mental trick you need to fit it in and to take away the guilt. And, if you’re like me, you will get the added satisfaction of checking it off your list when you’re done!
  • Cut the (activity) fat! Stop wasting your valuable time on those life-sucking activities. It’s okay to say no! For instance, imagine the amount of extra time you’d have in the day if you limit the amount of office gossip you partake in or the time you spend checking social media. Try it for a day – put your phone out of reach and don’t check it until lunch and then again when you get home. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you can be!
  • Write down your #1 goal. Before you do anything else, take a moment to consider and put in writing your #1 goal remaining for the summer. Consider where you had hoped to be by this point in the year and what one accomplishment would set you up for success in the final quarter of the year. Taking note of your goal and bringing back your focus will help to keep you on the right path, especially when it comes to decision making regarding how to divide your time most efficiently and effectively.
  • Read a book. Heading to the beach? Plane, train, or car ride? Save your data and pick up a good old fashioned printed book. I recently stumbled upon this list of top business books to add to your reading list this summer. These selections are both informative and entertaining, perfect for finding and inspiring your balance between work and play.

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