At its most basic definition, a marketing consultant helps companies develop and implement marketing strategies. Based on the individual business and the services and products they offer, a marketing consultant will create a detailed marketing strategy, branding through imaging and messaging, and establish the appropriate delivery mechanisms.

Once a plan is developed, marketing consultants will help put the plan into place by assisting and training the company in the individual steps required to execute the strategy on a day to day business. Finally, once the plan is in place, they will assess the success of the plan and make adjustments as necessary.

It may be time for you to consider hiring a marketing consultant. With the ever changing digital and social media landscape, there’s not enough time in the day for you to handle “business as usual” and the totality of a thorough and successful marketing strategy.

A marketing consultant will help you and your company to:

Monitor & Identify Target Consumers A good marketing consultant will understand the nuances in consumer behavior and how that translates to marketing efforts. They will identify your target customer demographics through market research and analysis of your sales trends, past marketing efforts, and competitor strategies.

Develop Strategies Unique to the Individual Consumers Once the target customers are identified, a marketing consultant will develop a strategy to reach them. These strategies may include a combination of print, online, social media, email, or direct mail marketing.

Understand Your Own Marketing Strategy By working directly with you and your team, a marketing consultant will help your company to develop, implement, and manage your new marketing strategy. Depending on your employees and your goals, some of the day to day tasks may be given directly to the team, while some may stay with the marketing consultant. Regardless of how tasks are divided, a good marketing consultant will stay on in an oversight role, continually assessing the efficacy of your marketing strategy and making adjustments as needed.

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