I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… your employees are your greatest asset. You trust them with managing the day to day tasks, engaging with your current and potential clients, and to represent your brand in all aspects of business.

The bottom line is, you couldn’t do this without your employees! For the health and satisfaction of your employees, and ultimately your business, you must make a concerted effort to celebrate, connect, and communicate with your team.

  • Celebrate with your employees. Celebrate everything from business to personal successes. Your employees are more than just a worker; the things that take place in their life outside of the office are just as important, if not more. In fact, they are probably the things motivating them to work hard and make a good living. It seems obvious to celebrate an employee’s business success with the close of a sale or the completion of a big project. Make sure to celebrate their personal successes – from marriage or the birth of a child, to completing a marathon or volunteer work. Celebrate whatever it is that makes your employees tick. Their work and loyalty will only benefit from it!
  • Nurture the employee – employer connection. How often are you intentionally communicating, one on one, with your employees? It’s not enough to just send out blanket updates or get in front of everyone at employee meetings. Be sure to meet with each and every employee often (monthly, weekly, etc. based on your business and employee needs). Check in on projects, chat about their baby or training schedule, share about your own personal successes or struggles. Learn about their business goals and aspirations or talk about what tasks they are struggling with. Remember, your employees are more than just the tasks they check off each week. Developing the person is the key to employee and business success.
  • Maintain channels of communication with your employees. As the head honcho, you may seem out of touch or on another level to your employees. To increase employee engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction, be intentional with breaking down those walls. Evaluate whether there are barriers for your employees to access you, such as scheduling (are you physically available), location (are you a home-based business, is your office accessible), and environment (is your door open or closed, are you open and engaging). If you do have barriers to access, work hard to remove them.


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