I believe emphatically in email! It is no longer just a tool for communication; due to its success at auto-generating business it is now also a powerful medium for improving your online presence. Pursuing campaigns via email is one way to make great use of the medium, I would like to share a few other ways you can say yes to email:

Usage. Email is right up there with search engines at the top of the list of the most popular online activities. Over 90 percent of all adults online use email, with more than 60 percent using it daily. These statistics show that it is highly likely your business prospects are using their email on a regular basis.

Campaigns. Your email marketing platform will allow you to create multiple lists when organizing your contacts; highly targeted campaigns can be sent to specific groups of contacts organized by location, gender, interests, etc. Sending customized content to your audience that is based on their personal likes or focus will help you achieve a higher conversion rate.

Measurements. Most email platforms will provide business users with reports that measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Monitoring this type of data will be very valuable, as it offers a business person the chance to nurture qualified leads. Attaching promotion links, creating related resources, and monitoring contacts to determine where they are in the buyer journey are all ways to nurture those leads.

Marketing Budget. The average return for email marketing is 40 dollars for ever dollar spent, making it a very cost-effective choice when it comes to your marketing strategies.

Productivity. Business owners can easily communicate with their distribution lists, forward information automatically, or send vital direction to specific individuals on an as-needs basis. Most email software will provide features that allow the user to customize usage to the work performed, taking volume and the needs of the workers into consideration, as well. Effective email use can reduce the need and dependence on in-person consultations and meetings, which will save both time and money.

These are just a few of the reasons I say Yes, use email!