Summer is winding down and WOW, has it flown by! While you’re trying to get in your last minute summer trips, outdoor adventures, and back to school or 4th quarter planning, don’t forget to get your business goals in focus. You CAN do it all and keep all of those balls you’re juggling up in the air.

How can you combine summer fun with business success? Check out my top tips here and enjoy….

  • Take a book. Heading to the beach? Plane, train, or car ride? Save your data and pick up a good old fashioned printed book. I recently stumbled upon this list of top business books to add to your reading list this summer. These selections are both informative and entertaining, perfect for finding and inspiring your balance between work and play.


  • Keep work at work. This is always a good tip; especially when you’re feeling like you’re trying to squeeze it all in! It’s important to create clear boundaries. Establish with yourself, your family, and your colleagues what your personal business hours are and what constitutes a business emergency. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in projects, emails, and new leads that the rest of your life and memory-making moments are passing you by!


  • Write down your #1 goal. Before you do anything else, take a moment to consider and put in writing your #1 goal remaining for the summer. Consider where you had hoped to be by this point in the year and what one accomplishment would set you up for success in the final quarter of the year. Taking note of your goal and bringing back your focus will help to keep you on the right path, especially when it comes to decision making regarding how to divide your time most efficiently and effectively.


  • Schedule your time. Considering your goal above and your personal business hours, take a good look at your schedule. Make note of any upcoming trips, events, or priority items and block off your time accordingly. In light of your must-do activities, plan ahead by scheduling your time or delegating tasks appropriately to ensure that your day to day business operations are not lost in the shuffle.


  • Try something new in business! You may be thinking I’m crazy to suggest you add something new to your plate. However, if you thoughtfully consider what it is, it may just be the thing you need to achieve your #1 goal and jumpstart your business plans for the rest of the year. Whether taking on a new employee, offering a new service, or joining a new industry-specific event, take advantage of whatever opportunities come what may to leverage, grow, and promote your business.

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