Instagram hit the scene back in 2010 and, today, boasts over 500 million active users! Even more amazing, it is second only to Facebook in popularity and is ranked #1 in social media engagement. What does that mean for you? Not only are people signed up and looking at Instagram… they are using it! Don’t let your Instagram account sit idle or untapped!

Get started today and capitalize on your Instagram account…

  • Define your style. Consistency is key here. Use repeating hashtags and create a feeling of unity across your posts. You can create a branded image through fonts, image style, topic, presentation, and – my personal favorite – filter. Whatever look or feel you decide on, a consistent style helps establish a signature based on aesthetics alone. PRO TIP: match your Instagram style to your website and other social media platforms.
  • Schedule time for social media. If you don’t make it a priority, it won’t be! I recommend you block time in your calendar for social media and schedule your posts for the week in one sitting. Since you’re likely posting similar messages across multiple platforms, doing it all at once helps you to stay focused and increases your efficiency. PRO TIP: try your hand at Hootsuite and schedule your posts from one central site.
  • Create a content calendar. Late night Facebook surfing and in interesting article pops up? Add it to your content calendar for use at a later time! A content calendar is a great way to organize your social media thoughts. You can clearly see where, when, and how information is shared so that you stay in focus with topics of interest, keywords, and hashtags. PRO TIP: define your keywords and hashtags. For example, my keywords include marketing, networking, and business development. Frequently used hashtags I share are #womeninbusiness, #marketingstrategy, and #entrepreneur.
  • Engage with your account. It’s not enough to just post on your Instagram (or other social media) account. Even if you use a central site, like Hootsuite, make sure to log in to each individually (you can even do this to some extent directly from Hootsuite) from time to time and like, favorite, share, or comment on other posts. Your colleagues are checking their metrics, too, so spread the social media love! PRO TIP: consider reaching out to people who share or comment on your posts. Don’t miss an easy opportunity for online networking!


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