As a small business owner, you may often feel like a lot of things about your business are just that… small. Small budget. Small revenue. Small results. But just because you’re a small business owner, doesn’t mean you have to think, act, or achieve small!

Be big with these business development tips:

  • Develop your identity. Recall why you started your own business – what was your goal? Motivation? Dream? What was it about you, the time in your life, and your passions that pushed you to start your own business? Regardless of where your business takes you or how much your business grows, always remember and stay true to your roots. Not only will this help to guide you in times of decision making, but it will be a signal to your customers. While delivering a solid, reliable product or service is important, your customers will come, commit, and return based on the personal aspect of your business – so be sure to let YOU shine through.  
  • Thoughtfully delegate responsibility. As a small business owner, you may be somewhat of a control freak. After all, your name, reputation, and success depends on things getting done correctly and on time. However, you’ll quickly realize (and hopefully not the hard way) that you just can’t do it all. Therefore, you’ll have to thoughtfully delegate responsibility to your team members. This requires truly understanding the skills, talents, and interests of your team. Have open communication with your employees regarding how things are going, how they like their tasks, and if there is anything that can be done to make their job easier, more efficient, and ultimately, more successful. (Ask me about the DISC profile, a tool I use with each and every employee!)
  • Keep up your enthusiasm after the sale. Congratulations, you closed the deal! Once the celebration ends, be sure to hit.the.ground.running. If you’re in more of a retail environment, be sure to set up a solid marketing strategy in order to reach out to your customers once they leave your store. This could include social media, email marketing, or direct mail campaigns. In a more service-oriented business, follow through! You may have spent many, many hours and meetings settling on the terms of an agreement and now is the time to put action and results behind your words. Make sure your team is ready to go and deliver – on point and on time. Check out these tips on developing your small business marketing strategy.
  • Get involved in your community. Your local community is truly at the heart of your small business success. They’re likely your first customers, your motivation, and your friends and family. Get involved through your local chamber of commerce and community development organizations. Volunteer at a local charity event, host or sponsor a community forum, and be a visible figure and leader in your neighborhood. As your community thrives, so will your business!


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